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13 Must See Attractions of Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist attractions. Located in the western region of Malaysia about 200 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands is made up of hilly landscapes, dense forest and tea plantations. 

It’s a scenic location that’s great for taking photos and it also serves as a habitat for various flora and fauna. From its picturesque landscape to its cool climate, people flock over for many reasons as there are plenty of things to see and do. 

Here are 13 attractions you must add to your itinerary if you’re planning to visit Cameron Highlands. 

1. Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Teh Plantation
(Image Source: Elevation.maplogs.com)

Cameron Highlands has one of the most fertile lands in Malaysia. It’s a great place to grow tea and it’s also home to the oldest tea plantation in the country. 

Found within the forests of Cameron Highlands, Boh Tea Garden is a must visit for foreigners and locals alike. Here you can learn about the tea making process, try various teas and take a bunch of photos against its stunning backdrop. 

2. Lavender Garden

Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands
(Image Source: Holidify.com)

The Lavender Garden is one of Cameron Highlands most iconic attractions. Inspired by countrysides in Europe, the nursery features a lavender field alongside an assortment of other flowers.  

There’s also cafes, souvenir shops and a lavender themed shopping complex situated within the nursery. All in all, Lavender Garden is a great place to take photos and spend time with family. 

3. Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands
(Image Source: Cameronhighland.net) 

The Butterfly Farm is another family friendly attraction and it’s also one of the oldest. It’s home to over 4000 butterflies from 120 different species! You’ll also find other critters such as ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs and a wide collection of beetles. 

Nonetheless, the main attraction are the butterflies and visitors have the opportunity to see them up close and learn about their life cycle. 

4. Mossy Forest 

(Image Source: Civitatis.com)

The Mossy Forest has gained the reputation of being enchanted and mysterious due to its misty habitat and moss covered trees. The trees are supported by a labyrinth of branches and stems, making it quite the spectacle. 

Its unique ecosystem is also home to a variety of plant and animal species such as insects, snakes, pitcher plants, orchids and many more. Exploring the Mossy Forest is an adventure worth embarking on but make sure to bring the right trekking gear. 

You should also consider joining a tour so you don’t get lost in all that mist! 

5. Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands
(Image Source: Cameronhighlands.net)

Other than tea, Cameron Highlands is also known for its Strawberry Farms. There are many Strawberry Farms around the highlands such as Big Red Strawberry Farm, Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm and Opah Strawberries & Jam. 

Cameron Highlands produces some of the best strawberries all year long, making it the center of strawberry production in Malaysia. The cool climate is perfect for cultivating strawberries and many people visit these farms to hand pick and eat fresh strawberries.  

6. Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley Cameron Highlands
(Image Source: Cameronhighland.net)

Cactus Valley is home to a variety of plants such as roses, camelias, lilies and of course, cactuses. The valley can be found on a hill slope overlooking Brinchang town and you can reach the place on foot from anywhere within the town. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to stroll through the gardens and learn about different plant species. You can also buy miniature sized cactuses as souvenirs. Some of their cactuses are so unique that you won’t find them in other parts of the country! 

7. Time Tunnel Museum

(Image Source: Juniechen.com)

The Time Tunnel Museum is Malaysia’s first memorabilia museum. Founded in 2007, the museum has over 4000 collectibles and memorabilia that showcase the history of Cameron Highlands.

The museum is divided into various sections of different themes such as barber shop, coffee shop and a photo gallery section. It is one of the most popular attractions in Cameron Highlands and it’s a great way to learn about the history of the place. 

8. Agro Technology Park MARDI

(Image Source: Petitgo.com)

The Agro Technology Park is a 42 acre park that showcases the agricultural activities of Cameron Highlands. The park is divided into 6 sections – 4 gardens (herb, english, rose, orchid), a research center and an information center. 

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about farming techniques and how different crops are grown. From fruit and vegetable production to greenhouse research, the Technology Park is a major attraction in Cameron Highlands, raking in 100,000 visitors annually. 

9. Mount Batu Brinchang

(Image Source: Travalour.com)

Mount Batu Brinchang or Gunung Brinchang is the highest peak in Cameron Highlands and is situated on the Perak Pahang border. You can reach the summit with a car ride along the winding roads which is the most practical way of getting to the top. 

You could also test your wits and take a 12km trek and hike all the way to the summit. An observation tower awaits at the top and it’s a great place to indulge in the beauty of the surrounding area.

10. Sam Poh Temple 

(Image Source: Thrillophilia.com)

As the largest religious structure in Cameron Highlands and the 4th biggest temple in the country, Sam Poh Temple is truly a sight to behold. The brightly colored temple is perched on the hillside of the Highlands and it won’t be hard to miss. 

The temple is also home to one of the largest Buddha statues in Malaysia and possibly the temple’s main draw. Besides that, visitors can learn about Chinese culture and its traditions while admiring the architecture of the structure. 

11. Honey Bee Farm

Honey Bee Farm
(Image Source: Petitgo.com)

Among its many agricultural practices, Cameron Highlands is also known for its production of high quality honey. There are 3 main Honey Bee Farms – Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm, Highlands Apiary Farm and Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm. 

The farms are open to all and you’ll get the chance to try different types of honey and buy honey based products as souvenirs. Nonetheless, avoid the restricted zones or you’ll end up with a sting or two as a free souvenir! 

12. Thompson Falls 

(Image Source: Easybook.com)

Thompson Falls is located near Tanah Rata and it’s the perfect place for nature lovers. The environment is tranquil, peaceful and above all, free from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

It takes a short trek to get to the waterfall where you’ll be taken through a lush green forest. To get the best view of the waterfall, you’ll have to make your way to the vantage point which can be reached through a flight of stairs by the mountain side.

The base of the waterfall is a great place to swim and have a picnic but beware of freezing cold water! 

13. Mah Meri Art Gallery

(Image Source: Holidify.com)

If you’re a connoisseur of wood carvings and beautiful handicraft, then a visit to the Mah Meri Art Gallery will definitely be worth your while. The art gallery is a museum for unique woodworks crafted by the indigenous Mah Meri people of Carey Island. 

There are hundreds of statues, masks and sculptures on display. Most of these are sculpted using mangrove hardwood and its intricate designs are testament to the culture of the Mah Meri people.

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