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A 4-Day Cameron Highlands & Ipoh Tour

Have you been to Cameron Highlands or Ipoh? Well you can now visit both with our 4-Day Cameron Highlands & Ipoh Tour! This trip will take you on a 4 day tour through two of Malaysia’s most famous destinations. 

From steamboat dinners to nature tours, let’s take a look at some of the activities we’ll be doing over the course of 4 days.

Day 1 

Our adventure begins in Singapore where we’ll gather and have a meet and greet with the tour guides. We will then have breakfast at our own expense before proceeding to Ipoh. The town of Ipoh is known for its limestone caves, street food and buddhist temples. 

It’s also one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia! 

Ipoh Concubine Lane 

Entrance to the Eastern section of Concubine Lane
Source: Entrance to the Eastern section of Concubine Lane – Malaysialife.org

Upon arrival, we will pay a visit to Ipoh Concubine Lane, one of the city’s most famous attractions. The Concubine Lane is an alleyway that is filled with history and culture. You’ll find a line of old buildings, coffee shops and stalls all throughout the lane. 

To cap the day off, we’ll head for dinner in one of Ipoh’s charming local restaurants and proceed to check in. You’ll then have the freedom to roam around Ipoh and shop, take pictures or maybe eat some more.

Day 2

We commence our journey to Cameron Highlands, where we’ll spend the whole day exploring its many attractions such as:

Green View Garden

Fresh strawberries from Green View Garden, Cameron Highland
Fresh strawberries
(Source: Green View Garden, Cameron Highland)

The Green View Garden is a great place to indulge in nature and bond with the family. The garden is filled with all sorts of cool activities including bird watching, animal petting and boat paddling for kids. 

They also have farms and picturesque landscapes where you can take pictures.

Avant Chocolate Factory 

Avant Chocolate Factory 
Source: https://www.avantchocolate.com/

The Avant Chocolate Factory is known for sourcing some of the best cocoa beans in the country. They’ve been around since 1995 where they started growing strawberries. 

Combined with their fresh chocolate, the factory produces top quality strawberry chocolates for everyone to try. 

Cameron Rose Valley 

Rose Valley Garden
Rose Valley Garden
Source: https://www.cameronhighland.net
Rose Valley Garden Walk
Rose Valley Garden Walk
Source: https://www.cameronhighland.net

The Rose Valley is home to over 450 species of fauna! It’s a very instagrammable location where visitors can learn about different species of flowers while taking pictures. 

Kea Farm Market 

View of surroundings at Kea Farm
View of surroundings at Kea Farm
Source: https://www.cameronhighland.net/

Grown in the cool climate of Cameron Highlands, the Kea Farm Market is famous for its fresh produce. You’ll also find local handicrafts, souvenirs and an assortment of street food. 

All in all, the market is a great place to bag some fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, corn and greens. 

Agro Market Cameron 

Entrance Side Of Agro Market Cameron Highlands
Entrance Side Of Agro Market Cameron Highlands
Source: https://www.travelswithsun.com/

The Agro Market is a new and improved version of the Kea Farm. The flora park was established this year and has since gained a lot of attention.

Road Up To Agro Market Cameron Highlands
Road Up To Agro Market Cameron Highlands
Source: https://www.travelswithsun.com/

You’ll find a ton of attractions here including flower mounds, cactus sections, aviaries, a mini zoo and many more. 

Tea Plantation 

Tea plantation workers, composed overwhelmingly of immigrants from third world countries, form small villages nestled around the estates
Tea plantation workers, composed overwhelmingly of immigrants from third world countries, form small villages nestled around the estates
Source: visitmalaysia.info

Local tea products are great souvenirs and the tea plantations of Cameron Highlands need no introduction. It’s arguably one of the most famous attractions in the region as you’ll find plenty of these estates throughout. 

Boh Tea owns most of them, making them the most popular tea tycoons in the Highlands. 

Cameron Centrum 

Cameron Centrum Christmas Decor
Cameron Centrum Christmas Decor
Source: Trip.com Singapore – Facebook

The last stop of the day will take us to Cameron Centrum, a shopping mall located in Brinchang. The mall opened not too long ago and we’ll be having steamboat dinner here before going around to shop. 

Day 3

4 Wheel Drive Adventure 

We’re kicking off the next day with a 4 wheel drive journey throughout Cameron Highlands. You don’t get a lot of these in the city but nothing compares to the thrill of exploring mountainous terrain in a 4×4 vehicle. 

The ride will take you off trail and into some of Cameron Highlands most hidden gems. 

Farm Tour 

Our 4×4 adventure will take us through a farm tour to learn more about agriculture in Cameron Highlands. Here you will learn about different types of crops and you might even get to pick some! 

Corn Plantation 

Corn is one of the agricultural practices in Cameron Highlands. A trip to the plantation will teach you about cornfields and how corn is harvested across the landscape. You’ll also get the opportunity to eat fresh corn.

The rest of the day is reserved for your personal exploration and leisure. Take time to indulge in the cool climate and greenery before going back to the hustle and bustle of sunny Singapore. 

Day 4

Our final day is all about the return journey to Singapore. We’ll start our journey back after breakfast and we should arrive home by dinner. You’ll get more opportunities to take pictures and buy souvenirs en route home so don’t put away your cameras or shoppings bags just yet. 

If you’re interested, click here as we look forward to welcoming you on this exciting journey.

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