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All You Need to Know About the Genting Highlands Skyworld Theme Park

Genting SkyWorlds is a theme park located in Genting Highlands. Established in 2022, it was scheduled to open in 2016 but was delayed due to internal issues. 6 years later and the theme park is now open, attracting much attention from locals and foreigners alike. 

If you plan to make a visit, here’s what you need to know about Genting SkyWorld. 

Genting SkyWorld 

SkyWorld was built as a new and improved version of the previous Genting Outdoor theme park. It covers 26 acres of land and it comprises 9 unique themes. There are 26 rides and attractions that are based on films and franchises such as Ice Age and Rio. 

Whether you’re a kid seeking adrenaline or a family who wants a day out, SkyWorld is suitable for people of all ages! 

  • Getting There 
    There are various ways to get to SkyWorld: 
    • Awana Skyway: A 10 minute cable car ride that takes you through a scenic route. You’ll be greeted by fresh highland breeze and the view of a 100 million year old rainforest. You’ll also get an amazing aerial view of GentingSkyworld upon arrival at SkyAvenue Station. 
    • Car/E-Hailing Services: A car ride will take about an hour from Kuala Lumpur. Use Waze (navigation app) if you’re driving and get Grab (transportation app) if you plan to use e-hailing services. 
    • Bus: The most affordable mode of transportation. If you’re coming from Klang Valley, be sure to catch the Genting Express Bus. This is only available in Klang so you’ll have to take other bus services if you’re coming from other districts.
  • Tickets and Mobile App 
    As with most traveling scenarios, be sure to book your tickets beforehand. Head over to their website and have a look at their ticket selection. You can also purchase your tickets through their mobile app, SkyWorlds (highly recommended). 
    The mobile app will give you a ton of information about the available tickets and rides. You will also have access to QR codes and other special features! 
  • Accommodation
    There are various hotels located around the theme park – Resort World Awana, Genting SkyWorlds Hotel, Resorts World Genting and many more. Click here to have a look at the recommended hotels and their rates. 
  • Food and Shopping
    SkyWorld also has various establishments for dining and shopping. A restaurant or two can be found at each themed zone along with shopping outlets and gift shops for souvenirs. There are also other eateries and establishments located outside SkyWorld. 


SkyWorld is divided into 9 sections and it features 26 attractions. Each section or “world” has its own theme where the rides are based on a famous movie or franchise. Here’s a look at what awaits: 

1. Studio Plaza

studio plaza

This should be your first stop of the 9 worlds. Studio plaza has a cinema centric design as it represents the wonderful world of cinema. If you make it on time, you’ll be able to catch the opening show which includes performances based on famous movie characters. 

You’ll also find eateries and outlets where you can grab a bite or buy accessories. Although there are no attractions nor rides, Studio Plaza is a great introduction to what’s in store for you

2. Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain

Next up we have Eagle Mountain and it has one of SkyWorlds most thrilling rides. The Mad Ramp Peak is a dual powered rollercoaster bike ride which goes from zero to sixty in mere seconds! Please be advised that this ride is not for the faint hearted.

There is also a burger stall in case you’re hungry and a souvenir shop if you plan to buy some gifts.

3. Central Park

Genting Skyworld - Central Park

Central Park is the largest section of the 9. From a Night at the Museum inspired ride to an Independence Day 3D experience, Central Park has a ton of attractions and activities to engage in.

You also have water fountain shows, rock concerts, acrobatics and many more. Nevertheless, try not to spend too much time or you’ll miss out on the rest!

4. Rio

Genting Skyworld - Rio

Drawing inspiration from the city of Brazil and the animated movie Rio, this section caters to mostly children. The rides are family friendly and they have an average thrill level of ‘medium’. 

The Samba Glider is a must try as it gives you a birds eye view of RIO. There are also samba performances by SkyWorld dancers and a musical performance where children can participate.

5. Andromeda Base 

Genting Skyworld - Andromeda Base

The Andromeda Base is a big hit among sci-fi fans. Referred to as a ‘galactic escapade’, this section is designed for thrill seekers as it consists of high octane rides and challenging obstacle courses. 

The Alpha Fighter Pilots will put you through a thrilling space inspired simulation and the Terraform Tower Challenge will take you to the highest vantage point in exhilarating fashion. 

6. Liberty Lane

Genting Skyworld - Liberty Lane

Liberty Lane has a San Francisco inspired design and it’s certainly an instagram worthy location. It has one attraction – the highly sought after Planet of the Apes 3D indoor ride. It’s also a great spot to eat and fuel up before you progress onto the next location. 

The Golden Gate Garage mega long hot dog is a must try!

7. Epic

Genting Skyworld - Epic

This section is based on the movie, you guessed it, Epic. It has the same fantasy inspired design as the movie and children love the magical induced atmosphere. The design and props include oversized plants and birds, giving a truly immersive experience. 

Hop on the Epic Voyage to Moonhaven for a family friendly ride or try the Hummingbird Flyers for a thrilling experience.

8. Robots Rivet Town

Genting Skyworld - Robots Rivet Town

The Robots Rivet Town is dedicated to the movie Robots. The setting has a mechanical layout similar to that of Robot city. It’s also a great backdrop for pictures! There are two existing rides in this section –  Bigwelds Zeppelins and Rivet Town Roller.

There’s also a sweet stand where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and a mart where you can buy some toys.

9. Epic

Genting Skyworld - Ice Age

Last but not least, we have the world of Ice Age which has the second most attractions. This includes a rollercoaster that has a 65 foot dropping point and a playground zone for kids. 

You also have some Ice Age inspired cafes if you’re feeling hungry along with a photo kiosk. And don’t forget to catch a live performance featuring your favorite Ice Age characters before you leave.

Rounding Up

Genting SkyWorld is a relatively new theme park and it’s a great place to visit as a local or foreigner. Genting’s breezy environment will keep you cool and relaxed while you spend your day indulging in SkyWorlds entertaining atmosphere. 

On a side note, don’t forget to do your bookings beforehand to enjoy a hassle free time as you make your way to SkyWorld.

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