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Viper Challenge is Back in Genting Highlands! & How to Sign Up For Malaysia’s Biggest Obstacle Run

Are you a fan of staying in shape with regular gym visits? Or are you someone who thrives on embracing new adventures and experiences? If this resonates with you, there’s an exciting upcoming event that aligns perfectly with your interests!

The Viper King of the Mountain event, Malaysia’s largest obstacle run, is set to make a comeback to Genting Highlands in January 2024!

Viper Challenge's Counterpain
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

FYI, The Viper Challenge stands out as a prominent sports event series in Asia, having successfully hosted for a decade and drawing in a remarkable 400,000 participants and counting. Curious about the buzz surrounding this event? Continue reading, and we’ll enlighten you!

What is the Viper Challenge?

Viper Challenge's Tire Pulling
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

The Viper Challenge presents an event centered around overcoming obstacles, where participants can team up to overcome diverse challenges and successfully reach the finish line, emerging as champions.

Viper Challenge's Medicine Ball Carry
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

The decision on the number of teammates for your team is entirely yours! The objective is to bring together your preferred individuals and collaborate to accomplish a common goal. Engaging in this not only pushes your personal boundaries but also serves as an excellent team-building activity.

Viper Challenge's Obstacle Course
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)
Viper Challenge's Extreme Monkey Bar
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

In relation to the course, every event will present a diverse set of challenges, each categorized into different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Advanced. These top-tier obstacles aim to assess your strength, endurance, and determination. As you cross the finish line, the sense of accomplishment will surge through you, and you’ll savor the sweet taste of victory!

Viper Challenge's Medals
(Source: Viper Challenge – Instagram)

Upon successfully overcoming the challenges, participants will be rewarded with exclusive merchandise, featuring a finisher T-shirt and a distinctive medal. Notably, the medal crafted for this occasion holds a unique significance. In a groundbreaking approach, the medals from all four Viper Challenge events this year are intricately designed to interlock, forming a cohesive ‘final piece’ that signifies your triumph and accomplishment!

Indeed, this signifies that the medal obtained in this event serves as a mere starting point. Embrace the opportunity to participate in the remaining Viper Challenge events scheduled for 2024, allowing you to progressively amass medals and complete your coveted collection!

When is the Next Viper Challenge Event Happening?

Participants Jumping Over Fire in Obstacle Course
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

The upcoming Viper Challenge, known as the Viper King of the Mountain, is scheduled to take place at Resorts World Awana in Genting Highlands on January 20, 2024. After a six-year break, the event is finally making its highly anticipated return to Genting Highlands!

Malaysians participating in this edition can anticipate an unparalleled fitness challenge, navigating a 7-kilometer course replete with 15 diverse obstacles! While the complete roster of obstacles remains undisclosed, we’ve uncovered exclusive details about several confirmed challenges, such as the Wobble Walk, Dome Climb, Web Maze, and numerous others! This ensures participants will face a varied and demanding set of hurdles, enhancing the overall complexity and excitement of the event.

How Do I Sign Up for The Viper Challenge Event?

Viper Challenge's Happy Participants
(Source: Viper Challenge – Facebook)

Believe you possess the qualities to claim the title of champion at the upcoming Viper Challenge? Alternatively, are you seeking a thrilling day out with your entire squad? If so, it’s imperative to secure your tickets promptly! General Sale tickets are currently priced at RM178 (about SGD 51) and can be acquired through this website.

Remember! The Viper Challenge Event will take place on:

📅 Date: Saturday, January 20, 2024

📍 Venue: Resorts World Awana, Genting Highlands

🕑 Time: 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Seize the opportunity to master the course and elevate your capabilities to unprecedented levels! Initiating the new year with a commitment to overcome fresh challenges is an ideal way to embark on a journey of conquering new triumphs, wouldn’t you agree?

If you would like to know more about Genting Highlands, do visit our travel blogs for more exciting information or Book a tour to Genting Highlands with 96 Travel via our website.

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